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I could lie to you but I won’t. To transform you truly have to be committed to make some lifestyle changes. There are no miracle weight loss pills or “7 minute abs” solutions. If there were, trust me, I would know – they would put me out of a job!

Instead of pushing these falsehoods, we will help you understand your body and what it will take to achieve your goals. My team at BodyQuest will lead you and motivate you to conquer bad habits. BodyQuest will turn you into a fat burning machine!

I have assembled a team of highly motivated trainers to help me help as many people as possible. I never say that I am the best trainer. What I will promise you, however, is that I show up every day and I do my job. I like to say that I kill fat for a living!

I have mentored each and every trainer to use my proven weight loss system. They take it and modify it to fit your unique needs. As trainers we learn how your body responds to exercise, and we also learn how to coach you from your comfort zone to your true potential.

What you will not find at BodyQuest are trainers that judge you, look down on you, or prance around like they are at some muscle show. We are a team, and we are there for you, not our ego’s. We never stop learning and we will never set you up for failure.

I am a proud former Marine, and in the Marine Corps, lives depended on everyone doing their job. I still feel that way about what I do now. I look at what I do as a privilege. People trust me with their hopes and their emotions. I respect that, and I make sure my team respects that too. If my team ever misses a beat, you can trust I’ll get them in line. We’re here for you, and I’ll do everything it takes to ensure we deliver.

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Personal Training for Men Louisville KY
  • What happened to my athletic body?
  • Why is it so hard to get results?
  • It seems like everyday I wake up with a new pain or injury.
  • I want to enjoy life and activities again.
Personal Training for Women Louisville KY
  • It’s been three years and I’m still calling this baby weight.
  • Can I get my pre-baby weight body back?
  • I just don’t have time to exercise.
  • What do you do when your only opportunity for a meal comes from the left over carrots on your child’s plate?
  • Weight loss is so confusing where do I start??
Personal Training for Seniors Louisville KY
  • I’m over 60.  Is it possible to be strong and fit again?
  • I want to be able to enjoy my grandkids and play with them.
  • I want to get out and enjoy my retirement.
  • I want to enjoy life and activities again.

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