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Working at Body Quest has been an excellent fit with my background as an educator. Graduating with a degree in PE/Health Education and Masters in Sports Administration it has been a great fit working in this type of environment. Being a PE and Health teacher for a number of years prior to working here I have made it my goal to promoting lifelong fitness for people of all ages and the knowledge to achieve their personal goals.

Training philosophy:

The approach I take with my clients needs to be specific to what they want, so first and most important is listening to them to make them feel comfortable in what has been an uncomfortable environment for them. Second, assess their fitness level whether it is their first day ever in a gym or a bodybuilder getting ready for a show. This way I can build a routine with the knowledge of our staff that will be most efficient and effective for the individual. I would say if I had a specialty it would be athletic training.

Approach to nutrition:

What I am finding a real passion for is helping people with weight loss and nutrition. The joy seeing clients losing weight, fit into smaller clothes, or to be able to interact with their families more is what makes this job truly seem like it’s not a job. The approach I personally take with nutrition is simple: there are no dry chicken and vegetable diets, there is no magic wand for fat loss or muscle gain– what works is behavioral changes. So, we start with the basics, what are you eating? By learning what each individuals diet is, we can teach clients to still eat what they love, but with moderation to set them up for success. Teaching clients how to read menus, look at nutrition facts, and measure-serving sizes is a great foundation to achieving goals.


I have been coaching various sports for 10 years from 5 years old to D1 athletes, and have a good understanding of movement patterns and what it takes to play at each level. With athletic training as my background, I like to teach each client to bring out their inner competitor and push themselves out of their comfort zones and help show them what their potential is whether they have ever played sports or not.

Andy Steffan