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Chris Tedesco - Certified Personal Trainer Louisville KY

Chris Tedesco spent 4 years in the United States Marines.  He has spent over 20 years as a Certified Personal Trainer and was named the 2006-2007 International Trainer of the Year by the International Center for Strength and Performance. The International Sports Sciences Association named Chris one of the Top 3 Trainers in the Nation in 2006.

Through BodyQuest, Chris defies the typical fitness logic for his clients. Having seen people struggle
 with body image, physical limitations, and loss of motivation, he understands the answer to a healthier body will not be found in fifteen minutes a day. Rather, he introduces an introspective analysis to understanding one’s body and how to improve it.

He takes this same idea into the gym — he is not there only to lead, but to inspire.

Personal Stats

Age: 46

Years Training: 20+

Education: Purdue University

Certifications: International Sports Science Association CPT, SPN

Military Service: U.S. Marine Corps Veteran – 2 Tours Overseas

Human Performance Advisor to Dept of Defense and Special Operation Personnel


2006 “International Trainer of the Year” – ICSP

2006 “Top 3 Trainers in the Nation” – ISSA

2007 “International Trainer of the Year” – ICSP

Iron Mike Platoon Champion – USMC

National Service Defense Medal – USMC

Navy Achievement Medal – USMC

Good Conduct Medal – USMC

My Training Methodologies

I believe in training for function first. What this means is that I believe in training your body to move better.

By doing this it will enable you to train harder and safer and that will allow you to change your body for life.


“You can’t out work a bad diet”

I believe in moderation, not starvation and deprivation. I like to simplify what seems to be the impossible by setting a few weight loss rules and guidelines to live by. Everyone has different eating habits so we have to dive in together and find out what rules will apply to you. A staggering 98% of all self-directed diets fail because they are too hard or impossibly to maintain.

A Real Personal Trainer Answering The Call

In the field of training and fitness, there are few individuals as renowned and respected as Dr. Jack Barnathan. I have had the great fortune to not only study from and befriend Dr. Barnathan, but I am privileged to call him a mentor. Recently, Dr. Barnathan had these kind words to say about my abilities as a fitness professional and I am proud to share them with you…

The kinds words from Dr. Barnathan


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Personal Training needs to get beyond the flashy “infomercial” promises that lead to failure and false hope. It needs go beyond the hype and superficial. Fitness Training requires individuals who look at the person being trained and makes a commitment that’s truly personal.

The fitness Training Profession needs a leader like Chris Tedesco.

In over two decades of serving as Doctor, Coach, Trainer and Teacher to some of the world’s leading athletes and performing artists I have rarely come across a Fitness Educator and Trainer with such dedication to his craft. Chris Tedesco understands that strength is so much more than muscle alone. He has certainly mastered the anatomy, technique and technology of fitness training, but then takes it a step further. Chris has the soul of an artist. You feel it the minute you walk into his studio which is unlike any you’ve ever encountered. The art on the wall (yes, there is art) expresses a forward energy of growth. That feeling continues throughout your training session. And grow is what you will do.

Chris has developed a comprehensive system where you will master resistance training combined with flexibility, nutritional technique, cardiovascular conditioning and functional training. All coming together to make your fitness goals become real. You will grow into your sport and grow as a person.

I likened Chris to an artist and indeed just as Michangelo saw his sculpture of “David” or “The Pieta” within the marble before he ever touched it with a chisel, so does Chris Tedesco. Let Chris share his Fitness Training Artistry with you and I promise you will never be the same.


Dr. Jack Barnathan
Founder, The International Centre for Strength & Performance
President, New York Strength Performance Consultants