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Who are typical BodyQuest clients? Are they super models? Are they professional bodybuilders?

Well, yes and no.

You see, I train people from all walks of life and all fitness levels. From my perspective, everybody deserves a shot at a healthy and vibrant life. My former and current clientele includes models, professional athletes, even Men’s Health models. I also train attorneys, accountants, soccer moms and college students.

I’ve seen it all and I’ve succeeded with them all.

Most recently, I’ve begun a campaign to fight the obesity crisis in the United States. This is a very serious problem and it’s high-time that the fitness industry address it proactively.

Read Frank’s Story to learn more about my campaign to fight obesity.


BodyQuest’s Favorite Testimonials

Results May Vary


Coach Mo from The Biggest Loser


Tyler Moser – 4-time World Cup Champion and 2010 Winter Games Olympian


Lacey T. Smith

I have known Chris for several years both personally and professionally; and I know him to be, firstly, a person of integrity. He does what he says. He is also a person who is what we called, where I grew up, a “stand up guy.” By that we meant he is a guy who stands by his friends and stands by what he believes. Additionally, he is a fighter. I mean this in the sense that he fights to accomplish his goals and does not give up. I saw him fight back after a business set back that would have devastated a lesser person. After being reduced from a business height, at which many would have retired, to less than zero, Chris came back and through diligence and indefatigable persistence has risen even higher in his profession than he was before. This required great strength of character.

As a client of his I can also attest to Chris’s attributes. I have been training with him for more than a year; and, though we are friends, Chris is always very professional and results driven. He always takes my goals and needs into account and carefully monitors the work that we do and the equipment on which we do this work. He modifies our plans when necessary and changes out equipment if it is not doing what we want or if it becomes antiquated.

In short, Chris is an outstanding person and an outstanding trainer.


Kyle Shepard


Nicolette Gaona

My ambition in life is to become a high fashion model. I love the camera; I love the runway; and I love fashion. I realize this is very hard work, but the thought of working hard for something I love so much is exciting!

I was always taught that good nutrition and exercise was important, so it was natural for me to want to take the healthy route into this industry. I know that there is a lot of pressure to be thin so I could see why it might be easy to develop eating disorders. There are so many girls I know that are obsessed with their weight always trying to look “skinny”. It just seems totally crazy.

When people found out that I wanted to have a personal trainer, they were very critical of me. They didn’t understand why since I was already thin. But for me, it was not about losing weight, it was about strengthening and shaping my body correctly.

I wanted a personal trainer …to take my modeling to the next level. I was serious!

There were so many personal trainers out there, but Chris was unique in his diverse and in-depth knowledge of the body and he actually knew about the modeling industry. He took me seriously and customized a program unique to my future goals.


Jacob Isaac


Nick Wilkerson

I have been a client for about one year and am thrilled with the results. More importantly, the results are noticeable by others who ask “what did you do?”. Fortunately results are both quantitative (pounds loss, body fat percentage decrease, muscle gain, etc.) and qualitative (more confidence, better self image, etc.).

The studio is a comfortable mix of the old (attractive building on W. Main) and new (contemporary decor, choice of music, etc.)–much like your body after several months there.

I recommend Chris to my friends who are serious about working out. He provides a low key, comfortable atmosphere to improve your fitness–without worrying about being a novice, weak, or making a fool of yourself in front of the “gym rats”.


Jeff and Jessica Parsons


Paul Gerber

Over the past several years I’ve kept physically fit by working out at various gyms across town; however, my dedicated regimen was not producing the results I was striving toward. It wasn’t until I started training with Chris Tedesco that my workouts began paying off.

Chris has designed a full body workout program geared specifically to help me reach my goals. His customized approach involves a detailed explanation of the muscles targeted with each exercise along with nutritional instruction and meal planning. Routinely he provides an assessment of my body fat, weight and muscle measurement. Chris is a very knowledgeable trainer and has a passion for seeing that each and every workout is productive.

I just wish I would have discovered Chris sooner!


Mozizz Dewalt Jr.