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It is not uncommon for those who want to lose weight to think whether it is enough to just go on a diet, and not engage in exercise (and vice versa), in order to shed the unwanted pounds. We try to weigh the pros and cons of the two and go with what we think can work best for us.

There are those who believe that exercising alone is the best way to lose weight, while there are those who think that dieting can do the trick. Let us try making our own pros and cons list to determine if our diet is really important for losing weight.

There’s no doubt that exercising can really help us get fit. Combining weight training and resistance training and cardiovascular exercises can really increase your metabolic rate and burn fat faster. If we make this a regular routine then we can be sure that we will reach our goal and maintain the weight that we want. We will have a little more freedom in choosing what we want to eat since we are burning calories on a regular basis.

The downside: this may not work for everyone. There are those who have this tendency to “reward” themselves, in terms of food, after a good workout – thinking that they deserve a little treat since they have used up so much energy in their workout. Now, if this happens a lot, most likely, you will only regain the pounds you have already lost. And also, if you miss a day or two of regular exercise, chances are you may get lazy and put off exercising altogether.

Dieting, on the other hand, seems to be an easier task to undertake than exercising, but is it really that easy? We often think that we can effortlessly lose weight by just dieting. Yes, dieting is important when watching our weight since it entails lowering our calorie intake. We have to cut down on the food we consume by having a healthy, balanced diet. If we use dieting as our only way to lose weight, we have to put more effort into watching what we eat since we are not burning calories through exercising. We have to be serious about our diet, count calories, and limit our fat and carb intake. Fruits and vegetables are our best bet when dieting.

The bottom line: yes, our diet is important for losing weight. But I believe that diet and exercise should go hand-in-hand. They may not play equal roles, but one needs the other in order to have a successful weight loss program. Whatever we consume, our body shows it. Exercise helps in the process by speeding up metabolism and losing unwanted fat.

If we are really serious about losing weight, we should never allow ourselves to take shortcuts. Losing weight is hard work – do not tell yourself otherwise. And if we want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, then we have to start doing the right thing, right now. Ask your personal trainer about the best method to help you lose and keep off those extra pounds.

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