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Here’s some diet advice if you find yourself at McDonald’s

mcdonalds-sign-e1467385657218Ah, McDonald’s, it beckons you from almost every corner you drive down. I pass three just in my 15-minute commute to work, then after resisting the golden arches I get to work and my secretary has stopped to grab hashbrowns and coffee for everyone. So, Here is some diet advice to help you navigate through the menu.  Do calories count if they are a gift?

Fast food is so prevalent for a reason- it is cheap, quick, and easy. For people with a busy schedule grabbing a quick bite from a drive-through might be the only way you get to eat during a day. It’s also much more inexpensive than buying, say, a naked burrito from Qdoba. And of course, it’s hard to eat a salad as part of your car commute- a burger makes driving and eating easy. So what is a person to do?

Now, I’m not saying you should stop every day for a cheeseburger but a trip to the golden arches won’t completely derail your diet. You just have to know what choices to make.


Use the suggestions below the next time you find yourself in the drive-thru.

  • Go with the kids meal. The smaller portions will satisfy your craving but not bank the calorie bank. The kids meals also comes with fruit- either apples or a mandarin that will help you feel full.
  • Skip the fries. I know, it sounds sacrilege, but fries have no nutritional benefit and all the salt will cause bloat. If you have to have a side, pick apples or yogurt. Thanks to the breakfast all-day menu, you can also choose a hashbrown over a small fry and save yourself about 80 calories.
  • Get a hamburger or cheeseburger instead of a Quarter Pounder. These choices are built-in portion control and the protein will help you keep hunger at bay.
  • Watch out for the salads. Of course, a salad sounds like a healthy choice, but beware of the dressing which start at 100 calories per packet. The Premium Bacon Ranch salad with grilled chicken and ranch dressing will cost you as many calories as two hamburgers!
  • Choose water instead of a gallon-size soda. Sure, diet soda is low-cal but the healthy option is certainly the water. It will also help cleanse your palate so you don’t keep craving the salt and grease for the rest of the day.
  • Pick the ice cream over the apple pie. If you are stopping by McD’s for dessert, go for a kid-sized ice cream cone. You will save 185 calories over that apple pie and won’t miss out!

Now you have a strategy for the next time you find yourself in the drive-thru line at McDonalds. Even if McDonald’s isn’t your thing, all fast food restaurants are required to list calorie counts on all their menus. Take the time to read the menu and make good choices! Most importantly, don’t shame yourself for stopping. It’s unrealistic to think we will cook homemade, healthy meals three times a day, every day. It’s okay to take a break. Enjoy that burger.

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