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Fat loss, Can I Spot Reduce Fat?


Spot reduction, an exercise myth that has been in circulation for the longest time, means targeting fat reduction in a specific body area. People believe that if you focus exercising on the specific muscle in the desired area you will eventually lose fat and weight in that area. This is more common in women who want to lose fat in the abdominal area. They will perform exercises, like sit-ups, to the point of doing hundreds of repetitions thinking that it will reduce the fat in and flatten their abdominal area at the same time.

Unfortunately, the answer to the question “can I spot reduce fat?” is NO! Spot reduction is and will always be a myth. Even though you perform numerous exercises on a certain body area or part, it will not guarantee fat loss in the targeted area. In order to lose fat, you need to engage your entire body;  however, muscle can be gained or toned in a specific area.
How to Lose Fat Effectively

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There are several things you must do in order to reduce fat or burn fat that will eventually lead to weight loss.  This includes:

Watch what you eat. Lessen caloric intake and consume enough amount of protein and whole food. Stay away from alcohol as much as possible and remove processed food from your food choices. But don’t go overboard too soon and cut calories too much or altogether.

Perform cardiovascular exercises or activities such as running, walking or cycling. You can also choose to do  swimming, boxing and circuit training.

Lifting weights will also help burn fat faster and build, tone or sculpt your muscles. more muscle means a faster metabolism, and faster metabolism will enable you to burn more calories even at rest.

Bottom line is, you have to move more. Engage in activities that will help you lose weight and reduce more fat.
If you combine healthy eating and resistance training, it will assist in protecting lean muscle mass. When this happens, there is a higher percentage that your weight loss is due to fat loss and not from muscle loss.

Another reason why spot reducing fat is never going to work is because of how our bodies are formed. Genetics play a role in this as well.
Keep in mind that if you want smaller thighs, thinner arms, and a flatter stomach you have to have a daily exercise routine in addition to eating right. After you’ve done this for a while you will feel and see the difference all over your body. Make sure your eating plan and weight training is practical so it will be easier for you to follow through. There are no shortcuts to losing weight and keeping fat off; spot reduction is nothing more than wishful thinking. You have to work hard for it if you want to achieve your goals.

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