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Fighting An Ignored Crisis

About a year ago, I was watching the news when a feature came on about the obesity crisis in my state. As a personal trainer, I immediately thought of all the clients I have helped and how I could influence this problem in my own community. After a little searching, I found Frank.

I invited Frank, at the time weighing nearly 750-lbs, to my gym where I learned about his personal motivation for weight loss: he had recently lost several family members to obesity and didn’t want to be next. That was all it took – we started working out and have never looked back.

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When Frank first started working out he could not walk across a room; now he walks the six blocks from his home to the gym three times a week and has lost over 350lbs in the process!!  My success with Frank made me think about the larger national obesity crisis.

I thought to myself, “If I could help save the life of one man, could I also inspire trainers across the country to do the same?”. That was the beginning of my unique challenge…

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Fitness professionals have the tools to save lives. If a man has a heart attack on the side of the road, would you pass him up or would you help him?

The same principle applies to someone suffering from obesity.

Their life is at risk.

Trainers, I implore you to use your knowledge to help. I am committed to stopping and helping anyone who needs it. You should do the same.

Don’t just walk by.

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