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Gifts for Men Edition

If you are like me, finding a suitable (re: not too mushy, but still romantic) Valentine gift for my husband can be tricky. Last year I found a recipe that replicated his favorite milk chocolate salted caramels that we found on vacation one year. I slaved over those caramels and I think I ended up eating more of them than he did. This year I vowed to find a gift that he would not only appreciate but would actually use. Here are a few of my favorite finds, ranging in price from $20 to $400.

Gift: Personalized Silicone Ring

Why he will love it:   This ring is great for the guy who wants to show off his married status while at the gym. The silicone is more comfortable and durable than a traditional metal and won’t get scratched while he is lifting weights. You can personalize it and it’s a great value at only $20!


Gift: I Love My Wife T-Shirt

Why he will love it:   Read between the lines: I Love it when My Wife lets me go to the gym! This clever shirt is a great choice for the gym rat or the guy who wants an excuse for not going to the gym.


Gift: Nike Air Pesto

Why he will love it:   These bright red shoes will remind him of the color of your lipstick every time he laces up. The Air Presto sneakers are a great transitional shoe that will take him from the gym to breakfast with you afterwards.


Gift: Apple iWatch Sport


Why he will love it:   This tech gadget isn’t just for telling time. The iWatch from Apple has an integrated activity app that helps keep him motivated. It also come with Apple’s Workout app, which provides detailed measurements during specific workouts. So whether he likes to cycle, run, or get sweet texts from you while on the go, this is a great choice!


Gift: Graze Snack Subscription

Why he will love it:   A subscription to Graze is the gift that keeps giving. You (or your guy) can start the subscription by selecting snacks he will love, like the Mocha Walnut Cake or Thai Sweet Chili Bites, but are healthy alternatives to a bag of Doritos. Great for a foodie or a guy who likes to keep his metabolism up by smart snacking throughout the day.

If you add a heartfelt card to any of these gifts your Valentine will sure to feel the love! Let us know if you have any other suggestions for great gifts- we’d love to hear them.

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