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Gift Suggestions for Your Valentine (That Aren’t Chocolate)

Gifts for Women Edition

I’m going to tell you something, but you have to promise not to start an uprising. My husband gave me an iron last Valentine’s day. Yup, an iron. It was something I needed and have grown to depend on but it just wasn’t a gift that screamed romance. It can be hard to find a suitable gift for Valentine’s day, especially if your lady isn’t into the traditional chocolates and flowers. If your partner is just getting into the groove of her New Year’s resolutions, the temptations of chocolates and wine may make finding a Valentine gift especially difficult.

That’s why I’ve found some awesome choices for your Valentine this year. They range in price from just $18 up to $300, and every price point in between. These gift ideas aren’t just for the fitness obsessed – read below to find inspiration for the perfect gift for your Valentine!

Gift: Nike Free Cross Bionic 2

nike shoes

Why she will love it: Pink. Glitter. Shoes. If that wasn’t enough, these Nikes are perfect for strength training. They help stabilize and support her body through those tough workouts. This gift is perfect for the woman who loves shoes, spends more time weight training than running, or just appreciates a cute shoe while running errands.


Gift: Tory Burch Fitbit Flex bracelet


Why she will love it: Tory Burch is a designer who is known for her classic aesthetic and classy brand. This bracelet (Fitbit Flex not included) is perfect for the woman who has to get her 10,000 steps in every day. She will love being able to walk into a meeting or lunch with her friends knowing that she is staying accountable to her fitness goals in a stylish, chic way.


Gift: Brains, Beauty, Muscles Tank


Why she will love it: Every woman loves a compliment, and this tank delivers three! Perfect for the woman who takes as much pride in her brains as her brawn, this shirt is only $17.


Gift: Edible Arrangement


Why she will love it: It’s a sweet treat without all the calories. Edible Arrangements delivers, so it’s a great choice for your girl who works in an office- it will make all her co-workers jealous when it arrives. If you want bonus points, though, head straight to Pinterest for instructions on how to create your own fruit bouquet for your Valentine.


Gift: Swell Bottle in First Kiss

Why she will love it: Swell bottles keep water cold for up to 24 hours! They don’t sweat and are perfect for throwing in her purse while on the go. Plus, this whimsical design will remind her of you all day long.

If you add a heartfelt card to any of these gifts your Valentine will sure to feel the love! Let us know if you have any other suggestions for great gifts- we’d love to hear them.

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