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Enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with the motivation and excitement that comes from being part of a team.

A recent study by IDEA Health & Fitness Association reported that participants in a small group personal training program were 42% more likely to stick with an exercise program compared to individuals who went it alone. Not surprising when you consider we’re all more likely to succeed in things where we have accountability and structure. Succeeding with a fitness program is no different.

Benefits of Small Group Personal Training

Louisville Small Group TrainingCost: If one-on-one or partner personal training packages are just a little much for your budget right now, small group personal training provides an attractive alternative.

Accountability and Adherence: just like with one-on-one and partner personal training you have the added benefit of accountability from your personal trainer. It’s easy to make excuses to yourself and not stay consistent with an exercise program on your own.

The added benefit of small group personal training is you also have accountability to others in your group. This is not to be taken lightly as it’s very effective in helping you stick with a fitness program.

Motivation and Camaraderie: there’s just something to be said about working out with a group of people just like you. When everyone is working hard doing their best and having fun, there’s an abundance of positive energy.

Bottom line is you’ll be more inspired and find yourself looking forward to the workouts instead of dreaded them.

Louisville Fitness TrainingSupport: you get built in support when you’re part of a small group personal training program. Support is an integral component for success in seeing results with a fitness or weight loss program.

It’s great if you have support from your family and friends but with a small group personal training program you have support built in from the other participants.

Take a look at shows like The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Fit Club. Even when the competitors are in direct contention, they still band together and cheer each other on.

There really is strength in numbers and our Private Small Group Training proves it! In a group of 2-4 people and a Certified Personal Trainer, you’ll experience working out like never before following a systematic program designed to get results in a private group setting.