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Weight Loss

Ok, so what is it really going to take to be successful at weight loss. Well, I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years now as a professional trainer and I have seen it all from late night infomercials, to fad diets and dangerous weight loss pills. I have studied exercise science and nutrition in college and obtained many different national certifications and no matter how many different methods that I have tried I always come back to the same answer sweat more and eat less.

Weight Management Louisville, KYMost of you can see the logic in this and it seems pretty simple right? Well it is and isn’t. To really work, a program has to be simple. Problem is, human beings tend to do the exact opposite — we over-analyze things and make them hard. Here’s a stat for you: self-directed weight loss programs fail a staggering 98% of the time.

Over the last year I have been doing a lot of thinking analyzing my own methods and doing case studies on my personal clients. I have found that the clients that come to me just three hours a week CONSISTENTLY and follow just 5 simple rules for eating better (I said better not PERFECT) have consistently lost on weight each month and kept it off. Not only that, they have on average gained of pure muscle (FAT BURNING POTENTIAL) each month and feel stronger and better than they have ever felt.

Nutrition and Diet Plan

You see most trainers will recommend a very strict diet that is very restrictive and limits the foods and drinks that you enjoy. I am not saying that this method is wrong or won’t produce fat loss. They are healthy and over time you will lose fat. But in my 20 plus years I have used that same diet advice strategy for many of my clients and it never fails the client either can’t keep up with it and feels like a failure and in the end gives up or they do it for awhile lose a little weight and inevitably gain it all back when they go back to their old habits.

Louisville Weight LossAs a professional fitness and nutrition coach this has frustrated me. So I came up with a much better approach. My approach is based on multiple exercise strategies plus 5 simple rules for eating better that I have used and have been the most effective for my clients. Then I looked at the science behind these approaches (I won’t bore you with details) and thought how I could make them even more effective.

Well over the last three months I applied this new strategy and I have never seen such amazing changes in my clients and all of them have agreed that although the workouts are hard they have not deprived themselves of foods they enjoy or even the occasional drink after work with friends. They also agree that 3 hours of hard work in the gym with me is a small price to pay for their new bodies and increased energy.

I have clients ranging from 12 years old to 72. Both men and women, clients recovering from major injuries, goals ranging from extreme weight loss (100 lbs plus) to clients just looking to feel better in their clothes and this system has not failed one single time. That’s a big statement right? To be effective with a system you have to follow it and if you commit to me and trust me I will guarantee that it will work for you.

So here is what I need from you:

  • 3 month commitment to change your body
  • 3 one hour session per week (bring a towel cause your going to break a sweat)
  • Follow my 5 simple rules for eating Better

No weight loss pills or cleanses just 3 hours a week and 5 simple rules!