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1) Make YOURSELF a priority and block out an hour a day on your calendar!

2) Compound it- stick to squats, presses, bench and deadlifts

3) Get moving- effort + intensity = results

4) Call for back up- balance your core work outs (back extensions, glute ham raises, kb and db swings, and abdominal work)

5) Be Positive- It takes more energy to be negative than positive.

6) Set Realistic short term and long term goals!

7) Variety is the spice of life- strength days, metabolic conditioning, and combo days for best results

8) Fuel your machine- Aim for one gram of protein per pound of body weight, from animals or seafood

9) Sugar is the bitter truth- take the sweet treat out of your everyday intake especially sodas. Honey or Syrup make a great substitution for a quick fix

10) Go organic- Lose the pesticides eat as much organic produce as you can

11) Smart snacking- Plan your day and bring healthy snack to keep you away from the vending machine

12) Chill out- Plan your week out to give yourself some much needed down time.

13) Say good bye to Mickey D- No fast foods even the tempting healthy options are still no better. Stay away from processed foods

14) No artificial sweeteners- they are not food, sweetness have been shown to produce an insulin response

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