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BodyQuest’s Online Nutrition Coaching

About your program

Welcome to BodyQuest’s Online Nutrition Coaching!

This Online Nutrition Coaching program is all about developing hands-on, “real-world” practices and skills. We help you stay accountable, be consistent, and finally get off the “workout hamster wheel” for good. And we support you all along the way.Online nutrition coaching

If you’re tired of feeling pissed-off, frustrated, or like a failure because you’re injured; or are too busy to follow a complicated online nutrition coaching program; or aren’t feeling as spry as your 18-year-old self did… Or if you’re tired of all the confusing, contradictory information out there about how to eat and work out right…

Or if you just want to fit into your old pants and have a little more mojo… …you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’d like to: • kick butt at your activities and sports; • just look and feel a little better; • learn solid, realistic, consistent health habits that you can do forever; • have more energy, vitality, and zest for life; • age with strength, confidence, and maybe fewer medications; • be a healthy and fit role model for your kids; • feel more confident, calm, and in control; …we can help.

If you’re ready to try something different, keep reading.

BodyQuest’s Online Nutrition Coaching

What will you learn?

You’ll learn essential habits plus how and when to do them. One by one, you’ll build a strong foundation of simple habits that you can use anywhere, anytime… forever. You’ll learn about nutrition and exercise. Enough to help you understand what you’re doing and why. But not so much that it’s overwhelming, confusing, or boring.

You already have enough on your mind, after all. (Of course, if you’re excited to learn more, we’ll guide you to our support blog.) You’ll learn how to work out properly and safely. Every exercise we give you has video and step-by-step instructions. We’ll show you how to adjust every exercise to match your fitness level, skill, and mobility. You’ll learn how to take care of numero uno. A lot of guys take care of everyone else around them: kids, boss, spouse, parents… Everyone, that is, except themselves.

You’ll learn how to challenge yourself, when you’re ready. You’ll learn about YOU. Throughout the program, we’ll ask you to “write your Owner’s Manual”. This means we’ll help you learn more about what YOU want, need, and care about. What you need to fuel YOUR unique body. And we’ll help you get where YOU want to go. After all, it’s YOUR body, YOUR life, and YOUR coaching journey.


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