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“Weight Loss/ Fat Loss, isn’t it all the same?”Fat vs Muscle

When you’re on your fitness journey, have you ever wondered how your clothes fit better but the scale hasn’t changed? I’ve been there many times, but this can be a good thing
The biggest goal with fitness that I’m always helping my clients with is dropping #’s. There’s a big difference though between the two.
-Weight Loss: To lower your bodyweight> the total weight of your bones, muscles, organs, body fat, water, etc…
-Fat Loss: To lower the amount of fat your body carries.
There are 2 types of fat in our bodies
-Visceral Fat: the layer that covers our organs causing diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol… VERY hazardous to our health
-Subcutaneous Fat: This is what we visually see just under the skin
The best part of building muscle is that it takes up only 1/3 of what fat does. That’s why lifting weights is so important.
NEVER discredit your hard work, because if your composition is changing, and if you can see/feel it, then it’s working even if the pounds aren’t pouring off you just yet. Give it time and stay the course
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