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Losing weight, especially for women, has been one of the hardest and most challenging things to do. When you decide to lose weight, you are not only preparing your body for it but your mind as well. For it to be effective and long lasting, you have to find a routine that will best suit you. And of course, you must be dedicated and committed to it.

Why You Should Deadlift

Most women think that doing cardiovascular exercises are enough to lose weight and keep off the fat. While it is true that cardiovascular exercises take off unwanted calories, it is not enough to really keep the weight off. Cardiovascular exercises include jogging or running, brisk walking, biking and more. Aside from doing these exercises, you should also take up strength exercises, like deadlift, to help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, deadlift is not a popular strength exercise for women. There’s this misconception that deadlift and weight lifting will make women big or bulky. On the contrary, deadlift will not make your arms bulky, but will actually give your arm a toned look. In fact, when you do strength exercises, you will add more lean muscles, which enables you to burn more calories at rest. When this happens, it will result in weight loss.

Deadlift works around different muscle areas in the body, including the middle and lower back as well as upper back, hamstrings and calves, biceps, forearms and triceps. It also involves muscles in thighs and abs. When you think about, deadlift is a total body workout.

How to Deadlift

Deadlift is performed by bending your legs and grabbing a barbell on the floor. Remember, your lower back must be arched and your shoulders must be above the hips. Then, slowly rise until you are upright, still holding the barbell against your thighs and with arms straight. This must be done a couple of times to be effective.

For first timers or beginners, you must use light barbells until you are comfortable and can actually do the exercise the right way. When you get stronger, you can increase or lift heavier weights and do more repetitions per session.

There are several benefits women get from deadlift. First, it will make them realize their own strength. Deadlift increases lean muscles, which in turn improves metabolism. Improved metabolism will allow you to burn more calories at rest. It will also keep your body toned and skin tight. You will also have a better posture if you continue to perform deadlift. Basically, deadlift will improve your overall strength and keep you toned without making you bulky. If you feel good about yourself, you will be more confident.

So, don’t be afraid to add deadlift to your daily exercise routine. You can ask for advice on how to start and the right techniques in performing this exercise.

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